Rules and Regulations at AUCKLAND WATER WORLD

Dear Guests,

We try to offer a comfortable, safe and most memorable experience to all our guests. You have to follow the following measures to have wonderful experience at our park.

  • Visitor can only wear nylon/lycra cloths.
  • Visitor must not take any kind of metals or jewelry in any ride.
  • for your safety, you are requested to follow life guard's instruction
  • our rides & pools are not designed for swimming and diving so Strictly not allowed to do so.
  • Kindly evacuate the Riding area once you arrived in.
  • Parents are advised not to left their children alone anywhere in park.
  • Small Children must wear diaper when they are in park.
  • In water park lend is always wet so don't run or walk to fast.
  • All the visitor must take bath before they come into rides.
  • you must behave properly when you are in park.
  • You must have certain physical fitness and strength to enjoy the rides.
  • Certain rides are not suitable for heart & BP patient as well as pregnant woman.
  • Rights of admission in park is reserved.
  • Re-entry in park is not permitted.
  • outside foods & beverages in park is not permitted.
  • Chewing tobacco, smoking & alcoholic drinks are strictly not allowed in water park.
  • in cases of power failure/ certain rides are closed, no refund will be given.